Christmas comes early to Berlin….

This morning, much to my surprise, I learned via the Dérer Bier website that they would be selling bottles of the glorious beers that were shipped over from the U.S. via the Brewers Association for the Berliner Biermeile’s Craft Beer tent. What was even more surprising is that these beers have been on sale at the Weihnachtszauber Christmas market at […]

Hops & Barley IPA – a successful blend of German & American traditions

When it comes to food and drink, the omnipresent word “fusion” doesn’t resound very well with me. Fusion is the forced combination of things that otherwise would not belong together: nuclear fusion; or the forced fusion of metals together. Since German brewers started to experiment with high-aroma American hops, there have been several commentators who have praised a new beer […]