Pure, cheap and a bit dull – my rebuttal to commentary on The Economist article

Introduction The current edition of The Economist (Thursday, 24 July), features an article about the German beer industry entitled “Pure, cheap and a bit dull. The article addresses the declining beer sales in Germany over recent years, the reputation of German beer and the interest from US craft breweries, such as Stone, in coming to Germany to brew non-traditional styles. I was […]

18-year-old Stone Brewing Company grows up, leaves home, comes to Europe

In a decommissioned gas processing facility in Mariendorf, 10 kilometers due south of Berlin city center, plans were unveiled on Saturday, 19th July for a significant new addition to the beer landscape in Europe: Stone Brewing Company is building its new $25M brewery and restaurant here in the Marienpark Berlin, scheduled to open by end 2015/beginning 2016.   The Site Just south […]

Tasting Notes: Köstritzer Meisterwerke – Black Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

A foreword on ‘Crafty’ beer producers and knee-jerk reactions We’re all familiar with the state of beer in Germany: the sale of craft beer is growing at an exponential rate, while beer sales as a whole have fallen for seven consecutive years. Many industrial beer brands are keeping an eye on the craft beer segment and are launching spin-off “craft beer” breweries with independent […]