MOTEL – Beer Release and Tap Takeover @ Lager, Lager – Saturday, 21.01.2017

The newest gypsy brewery in Berlin is launching on Saturday, 21.01.2017 at LAGER LAGER and hope to see you there!

On tap:

  • An IPA, Motel Shady Pines, 6.6%
  • A British Golden Ale, Motel Golden Lake 4.7% (served through a hop Randall stuffed full of Hallertau Blanc and Callista hops)
  • A British Golden Ale with Brewbox Coffee, Motel Lago Dorado, 4.7%
  • A New England style IPA, Motel Misty Bay, 6.8%
  • An Imperial Stout, Motel Dusky Hollow, 8.5%
    …and some other surprises…

Oh, and Alte Milch will be serving grilled cheese!

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