Berlin Craft Beer Map

This is the original Berlin Craft Beer map – tracking emerging craft beer locations in Berlin since 2008:

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red Microbrewery/Brewpub (beer brewed on site)
blue Pub/Bar stocking some craft beers (keg & bottle)
yellow Retailer stocking bottled craft beers

Please feel welcome to leave feedback for any additional locations that should be added to the Berlin Craft Beer Map.

30 thoughts on “Berlin Craft Beer Map

    1. >bekommt Stone brewing noch einen pin?

      Ja, selbstverständlich! Aber erst nach der Brauereieröffnung und man Bier trinken kann. Am Moment ist es leider nur eine Baustelle…

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Although the Double Inn stocks some bottles of Störtebecker and The Porter House beers, it is not promoting a wide selection of craft beers. As more and more bars have a few bottles of beer as alternatives, it is most useful for the map that we only highlight bars that have a wider craft beer selection.

      Less is more, in this case.

  1. Supermarkt Grunewalder hat das Sortiment an Craftbeer erweitert.
    Nach der Aussage der Besitzer haben die nun 24 statt 11 Sorten.
    Sehr internationale Sorten.

  2. I loved this map and the way I could add it to Google maps easily. However Clicking on the ‘larger map’ to open this in the Google maps app doesn’t seem to work anymore and it seems Google have discontinued the Google maps engine. Is there a different way to add it to Google maps…it’s a bit fiddly to navigate otherwise.

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