Blind Tasting: German Export Beers

Introduction On 3rd December 2016, a blind tasting was held at Hopfen & Malz with the focus this time on “Export” beers from German breweries. The key goals we wanted to address in the tasting were: qualitative comparison of export beers brewed by German brewers verify the assumption that genuine Dortmunder Export is a true unique style that differentiates itself […]

Blind Oktoberfestbier Tasting – Munich breweries on top!

Background Nothing shakes preconceived notions about beer quite like a blind tasting. To coincide with the Oktoberfest on the Wies’n in Munich last week (and the countless copycat events around Germany…), the Berlin specialist beer store, Hopfen & Malz hosted a blind tasting of the Oktoberfestbier/Märzen being brewed for this time of year. The aim was specifically to pit four ‘genuine’ Munich Oktoberfestbiers […]

The Cellaring Experiment: Westvleteren 12

Introduction Q: What would the wine industry look like, if wine were a more perishable product? Although primary fermentation of beer and wine takes a comparable amount of time to complete, secondary fermentation of wine usually takes much longer. Once wine has been bottled, it is usually given months or years to mature, due to chemical maturation, rather than any refermentation […]

Tasting Notes: Köstritzer Meisterwerke – Black Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

A foreword on ‘Crafty’ beer producers and knee-jerk reactions We’re all familiar with the state of beer in Germany: the sale of craft beer is growing at an exponential rate, while beer sales as a whole have fallen for seven consecutive years. Many industrial beer brands are keeping an eye on the craft beer segment and are launching spin-off “craft beer” breweries with independent […]