Set Theory, Existentialism and the Purity Law

Introduction The announcement by Stone Brewing Company to construct their new brewery in Berlin has resulted in a renewed look at Germany’s beer culture, including a recent article in The Economist, that I contributed to. In the discussion that followed a German Huffington Post article this week, several commentators joined in defence of the Reinheitsgebot: “Four ingredients force the brewer to show off […]

Pure, cheap and a bit dull – my rebuttal to commentary on The Economist article

Introduction The current edition of The Economist (Thursday, 24 July), features an article about the German beer industry entitled “Pure, cheap and a bit dull. The article addresses the declining beer sales in Germany over recent years, the reputation of German beer and the interest from US craft breweries, such as Stone, in coming to Germany to brew non-traditional styles. I was […]

Braukunst Live! (München) – the litmus test for Craft Beer in Germany

Now in its third year, the Braukust Live! festival 2014 took place in München from 21-23 February and (unsurprisingly) was the most well attended so far. Braukunst has quickly established itself as the key German festival for craft beer enthusiasts, but it also serves a second role as a trade convention for the brewing industry, especially smaller brewers wishing to […]